Thursday, May 25, 2006

Off to Kos

I don't feel that I have been at home much this month. When I got back from Prague, I was told that I was hired for two projects in the lab, so I just started a one year full-time position. However, tomorrow, Jimmi and I will be leaving for Kos, a small Greak island for a one week holiday :-)

I am looking forward to a holiday. The weather down there is hot and sunny at the moment with temperatures cruising around 30 degrees Celcius. I wonder how this will impact the insulin in the pump, since I probably will not wear too much close to cover it... I have brought my insulin pens too, though, so if it doesn't work with the pump, then I can just go back to MDI.

I will be back in the beginning of June - with a nice tan :-)

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