Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

After a week at the Greek island Kos with temperatures above 30 C every day, and difficulties to get temperatures below 28 C in our hotel room at night, we returned to Denmark where temperatures could hardly exceed 18 C during the day. Though we were literally freezing at first, we quickly adapted. However, during last week summer has returned to Denmark, and the last four days this has been with temperatures of 25-30 C. I like summer and sunshine, but I must admit that I prefer temperature not above 25 C, because the air humidity is usually high enough to make the air feel rather heavy.
The hot weather is also - as usual - a challenge for BG-control. I tend to cruise on the low side, but usually I am able to avoid extreme lows by having small meals/snacks every 3-4 H. Sunday Jimmi and I was to take part in a family-get-together-to help-Verner-and-Lotte-shining-up-their-garden. Verner is Jimmi's grandfather, who just had a new hip this winter and therefore is not able to do much gardening yet, so his wife's children had arranged for all the children and grandchildren with their spouses to show up and help with that. We were about 20 people to rearrange the flower beds, paint the garden shed, ect. We started at 10 AM, and as I had just changed site in the morning, I tested before starting the work: 3.4 (61). Hmm, a little too low, maybe due to the 11 km bike ride? I ate a handful of raisins, figuring that to do the trick, and then joined the painting team. We had a short break to eat ice cream later in the morning. I didn't test at that time (I know I should have), just did a small bolus (0.5 U) after consuming the ice. Around 12.30 my boyfriend encourage me to come with him and do a test. I am reluctant to do so, so he almost drag me inside. My memory of it is actually a bit blurred, however I do remember doing the test and seeing the result "LO" on the meter, meaning a BG below 1.1 (20) and thinking "that can't be, I must have used too little blood or something". I can't remember how many glucose tabs I had, but they were followed by a piece of black bread with liver paste. Getting better, I couldn't help being a bit scared by the fact that I actually managed to function, although not that well I admit, and test myself with a BG that low.

Well, I should go back to work. I am analyzing mass spectra at my computer in a very small office that I share with 2 other girls. There is no ventilation in the office and with 3 people and the same number of running computers the temperature is about 35 C, making you sweat even when you are just moving your fingers around the computer keyboard or the mouse.

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