Monday, May 22, 2006

BG's to piss me off

While the week in Prague generally went very well BG-wise, this last week has been a struggle of keeping a steady, and not too low level through the day. I have had too many values below 70, but even when such a value occur before a soccer game, and is treated accordingly, I have not solved the problem about high BG's afterwards. I find it incredible annoying, not to be able to keep it in range even when it's fine after the game. Mostly, I will be a little high afterwards, probably due to being disconnected for more than 1 ½ hour. For instance, we had a game in the weekend. I was low (2.9 [52]) before going out, so I had a four glucose tabs and a dried fruit snack to cover that (it was only about 1 ½ hour after lunch, so the bolus for that was still active in my system). After thoroughgh warm-up, I got the first half (45 min) of the game on the field. When being substituted at half, I reconnected and watched the rest of the game from the side - with the rain soaking us and temperatures around 12 C with a good wind to make sure we would cool down quickly! After the game I tested 12.3 (221), which I did not really get, but anyway, I took 6 units - something that would normally drop me almost 18 mmol (320), but when I retested before dinner an hour later I was up to 14.6 (263). Grrr! Why?? Being quite angry with this apparent "insuliresistancecsyndromeom-following soccer-games", I bolused 9 units for the dinner, which of course send me down in the 4 (70)-range later in the evening, but it appeared to work because I went to bed with a BG of 5.5 mmol/l (99) and woke up at 7.2 (130). Anyway, I have tried different alternatives to deal with the usually higher BG's after a game (I have managed to land at 6.3 (113) after a game, only to sky-rocket to more than 17 (306) only a couple of hours later), but so far it hasn't really worked satisfactory. I must admit that I am a bit puzzled about it, becauspracticese (1 ½ h) is usually no problem at all. Because of this I don't really think that it is just a matter of hormones (adrenaline) with the games. I have tried using Lantus like in the un-tethered regimen, but that did not really do the trick, so now I am actually considering involving Actrapid (Regular) before games, because I am used to handle that, but it does annoy me to have to grope through the darkness in order to find a stable solution, not to mention the reluctance of my diabetes nurse to the fact of involving other types of insulin than the NovoRapid given by the pump. So any ideas, comments or experiences on how to deal with sports when disconnecting, would be highly appreciated.

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