Friday, August 03, 2012

Point of no return

Yesterday, we had the final pre-scheduled hospital appointments of my pregnancy. It was meant to just be with the midwife and a pump nurse if needed, but because we had so much that we needed to talk through with the midwife it ended up taking most of the morning anyway.

The midwife, who's followed me from the beginning was back on duty yesterday, and while doing the heart rate monitoring on the baby we expressed our concerns and frustrations with the decision of induction that we felt had been forced upon us last week. The midwife was very understanding, and ended up checking which doctors were on duty to get us into an additional consultation. Fortunately, the doctors that have been following me along this journey were back after their summer holiday, and with both of them being chief physicians they had a lot more knowledge and nerve than the ones we saw last week.

The OB took us through their main reason for sticking to the 38+0 rule, which was new to me: According to her, the function of the placenta will typically drop more or less dramatically after 38 weeks, and this drop in function seems to be more severe and with a quicker onset in PWDs. Both of the doctors were rather surprised though, when we showed them the information we had about the procedure in the two largest national hospitals. Apparently it was new to them that type 1 diabetics elsewhere in the country could be allowed to await natural induction of delivery all up to their due date, so I hope that if we change our mind about trying for a sibling for junior in a year or two, the procedures will have changed in Odense as well to allow this type of approach if there are no problems or complications.

In the end we felt like they listened to our concern, and they agreed that postponing the induction a couple of days wound hurt anybody. It's a small, but more acceptable compromise, I think. They offered us a bit of influence and we accepted it. My feeling is still that the little one is not ready to be born just yet, but now at least she may not be out until around 39 weeks. I'll still have to check in for another ctg on Tuesday, but the full examination and start of cervix maturation will not take place until Thursday the 9th of August. This will be the point of no return even if it might still take days before active labor commences.

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