Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Showered and starting the count down

While you sometimes - especially when you're a kid or teenager - feel that you could do without their presence or well-meaning advice, other times it's the smallest things that makes you remember why and just how much you love your family. A couple of weeks ago was my sister's birthday and we'd been invited to a Sunday morning brunch. Our parents came over on Saturday and we all had dinner together at Jimmi's and my place, so we had already sorted her presents at that time. I say this, because it turned out that what Jimmi and I thought would be a birthday brunch for my sister, was actually a baby shower for us that my sister had arranged with both our families and a couple of our friends! Her reason: In her own experience, it had been incredibly hard to constantly have people dropping by with presents in the weeks after their daughter was born, so she hoped that by letting our families provide us with their presents now, we'd get a calmer first few weeks and be able to decide when we're up for visits :-) Have I mentioned how much I love my sister?

Today I'm 35 weeks pregnant, which means that after my appointment next week, the medical team will meet up to schedule when they think delivery should be induced. We've discussed this with our midwife on a few occasions, and while she's seems open-minded and supportive of our wish to not force on delivery if it's not medically necessary, she also took the time to explain to us the likely reason that the OB had seemed rather dismissive, when we asked about this possibility last week. It seems like the "induction at 38+0-rule" is based primarily on experience - and since it almost always work well then they are hesitant to make any changes because, if something should go wrong it may be difficult for them to determine if what went wrong would have also gone wrong had the induction taken place at 38+0 and not later. I fully understand that argument, and I may also feel like just getting things over with at that point, but as both junior and I seem to be doing perfectly well currently, and the little one is actually estimated to be on the lower side weight-wise, I do have some difficulty coping with the fact that she may not be allowed to mature more than 3 weeks more inside of me.

It may just be the fact that in this case I may not have much to say about the course of actions that makes me feel uneasy about it. I don't know, it just seems strange to me that when there are absolutely no indications of diabetes-related complications for junior or me that they'll still insist on inducing delivery no later than 2 weeks before the official due date. The little one is still growing steadily, but their continuous measurements have kept the medical team very attentive because apparently the little one's head measures slightly smaller than what the median measures are, while the tummy and femur measures are always spot on. Because every thing else seems to be perfectly normal (heart rate and activity level), I find it a bit difficult to be really worried about this - after all we don't know if this is just genetic variation, because none of us were ever measured to this extend and unless something seems completely off, no one measures a newborns head anyway.

Only time will tell, and we can almost start the count down.....

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