Sunday, October 01, 2006

Time to blog

I admit it, I am not good at squeezing in time to up-date my blog every day, or even every second day :-) Thus, again it has been more than 2 weeks since my last post. Not that there hasn’t been something to blog about during these weeks, there has actually been plenty, time and blogging-discipline just haven’t been on my side ;-)

Speaking of discipline, yesterday my soccer team and I had an important game. Our aim this season is to end third. We do not have the potential nor the desire to advance to the national series (Danmarksserien), which the winner of our pool will do and number to have to go into play-off games for. We do think that we have the potential to end third, though, and since this position also means a cash prize, it motivates us even more. Yesterday’s game was against a team that we knew we could defeat (we won 4-1 last time). However, at the moment we have a number of injuries, the last one occurred within this week, among our defenders. Unfortunately, two of our most stable defenders were not able to attend the game due to other appointments that they had agreed upon months ago. Therefore, in reality we had only one defender left for at least 3 positions, so Tuesday’s practice was used to try to figure out who could fill the 2 two other positions of the defence. It was difficult, and we could certainly have used Thursday’s practice as well, but as this was the last practice of the month, it was dedicated to five-a-side with the boys. I was among those tested for a marking player’s position on Tuesday, but I hoped that could avoid that position in the game. Everybody was exited about the line-up when our coach started his tactical presentation prior to the game. And guess what, I was handed one of the marking player’s positions! His reason for handing me this position was my discipline. He told me that in contrast to some of my team mates he was confident that I would fill the position handed, because when he game me directions I would follow them the best I could. I guess that it is true, although I am still far more confident playing forward or wing. Anyway, I played the full match as marking player yesterday and it went okay. Actually, together with our defensive midfielder I was appointed our team’s WOM (woman of the match, we vote about this after each game, and yesterday 7 different players were nominated, so Stine and I won with just 3 votes each). Our coach once again praised my discipline after the game, immediately nick-naming me Andreas Brehme (German defender from the late 80’s and 90’s, German soccer is known to be very disciplined).

Honored about the compliments from my coach, I can’t help thinking about the basis of this discipline capability of mine. Actually, I am quite confident that the most important reason for this comes from me being diabetic. Think about it; everything about diabetes and diabetes management is somewhat build upon discipline. We need to acquire at least some discipline to remember shots, boluses, tests, and to occasionally resist food-related temptations. Though it is a somewhat boring word, discipline can enable us to feel okay most of the time and take part in the activities that our non-D friends indulge in. Apparently this acquired discipline is useful in other aspects of life too, although we may not give it many thoughts :-)

By the way, yesterday’s game was the first one this year that my BG seemed to act okay before, during and after. Starting at 8.5 (153) and ending at 5.8 (104) about half an hour after the final whistle of the game, I was thrilled that for once I didn’t seem to spike uncontrollably just after. I therefore found it appropriate to celebrate – the BG success and the result of the game (2-2 after having been down with 2 at the break) – by having a beer with my team mates before we returned to Odense (it was an away-match). Now, why is it that one is never allowed to celebrate a success without being haunted by it afterwards? The game and the beer kept my BG on the low side the rest of the evening, and this morning too. Damn it, I just had one single beer, something that usually makes me go high rather than low, and I had had plenty of water during the match and ate something before the beer too, why does it have to slap me in the face like that?

I will stop my rantings for now. I may not post that often, but when I do, I write a lot :-)


Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi there WOM - I am very happy for you. What an honor. Yeah maybe the discipline taught by diabetes does help us in other instances! And I am happy to hear that you had such excellent bg values throughout the entire match. I could never pull that off. Stop and give yourself a big pat on the back!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Congratulations WOM!! Way to go!

And on the blogging - I always say that there is no expectations - blog when you can and when you feel like it. When you are busy, don't worry about it!!