Tuesday, October 10, 2006

60 million blogs

Sunday evening, in a news-program on one of the Danish TV-channels, there was a feature on web-blogs and blogging. The feature was about what blogs and blogging is, and how it has become increasingly popular to share thoughts and experiences with the rest of the world on the Internet, regardless you being a big company or a "“small" Mr. or Ms. "“Nobody"”. This is also the case in DK. Said TV-station started web-blogs via their home-page not too long ago, the aim being that people could discus different topics with the different hosts of the station, and it has been a success. The feature ended with interviews with two Americans, one who had quit his job to be a fulltime blogwriter, and another who was just about to quit her job for the same reason. The speaker announced that world wide an anticipated number of 60 million blogs are now available on the Internet! 60 million blogs! I am just glad that I found the host of D-blogs about a year ago. The number of D-blogs that I have bookmarked in my browser since then has increased. I am no longer able to follow them all every day, but in any idle moment I the up-dates :-) I have (and still do) very much enjoyed reading, writing and commenting on D-related struggles of/in an understanding audience. Doctors, relatives, friends, colleagues and others can express understanding, but in reality we all know that they do not have any chance of really understanding what we go through with the D - just as we do not really have a chance to understand how the our D affects our parents, siblings, significant other...…. Therefore it is a relief to blog in a community where members have felt this disease on their own bodies, whether that be as diabetics themselves or as close relatives.

So happy blogging fellow D-bloggers! Together we are strong :-)


Shannon said...

The D blogs have really helped me a lot in the past year and a half.

I'm not so worried about Brendon's future anymore because I see how you and other adult PWD's live their lives without letting D get in the way, but at the same time, taking your management seriously.

Wow, 60 million....I remember when I didn't even know what a blog was.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Heidi, you expressed this so well! Yes, even our spouses and nearest families cannot REALLY understand HOW it truly feels - the hypos, the guilt, exercise problems, all the paraphenalia to be controlled, the hypers, the lack of spontanity, ketones and the never-endingness of the whole thing..... Thank God we can talk to each other! My spelling sucks big time

Scott K. Johnson said...

It's amazing how many blogs have popped up. So many new D blog around - I can't keep up with them either.

The OC has had such a positive impact on me - one of the best things I've found in a long, long time.

justme said...

Even though I have not been around that long, I have seen the D-blogging community grow! And not a day goes by that I don't read a few.