Monday, April 17, 2006

Hard work of Easter

Why is it that holidays are such "hard work"? You have to catch up on everything that you miss on working days, including family visits. It sometimes feels like you end up being more busy in the holidays than on working days. Thursday Jimmi and I went to see his mother. Jimmi's sister and her boyfriend as well as Jimmi's grandfather was there too. Jimmi's mother always make sure that nobody will leave the table hungry - i.e. she cook for a whole army despite only expecting 6 people for dinner! It is very enjoyable, though, although you are so full when you leave :-) We left quite early to drive Jimmi's grandfather to his house. He has been sick for nearly a year now, also loosing his wife in the middle of his illness, so he is dependent on in-home help on a daily basis, which means that he has to be in a certain times of the day, limiting his ability to go out for social events. I had to get up early on Friday, so I didn't really care that we had to leave early. I had the first soccer game of the spring season in my new club Friday morning, and as it was an away match we had to leave from the city center at 8.15 AM - about the time I would usually think about getting out of bed on weekends! I was quite excited about the game, mostly because I hadn't played one since October last year, but also because it would mean yet another new experience on how to handle thing with the pump, when I will not wear it on the field. I started as a substitute, so I could keep it on until the beginning of the second half of the match. It went quite well - no surprise as the pump was actually not even off as long as it has been during practice, so I still have no idea on how it will work when I am first choice as I would then take off the pump before warm-up and actually be off it for 1 h 30 min after that - a total of about 2 h.

Yesterday we had my sister, my parent, my grandparents and Jimmi's father, stepmother and younger brother over for Easter-lunch. It was a long day, but very nice indeed. It was actually the first time that my grandparent came to visit us. My sister and I moved to Funen more than 5 years ago, and ever since my grandma has wanted to get to see how we lived. It shouldn't be that difficult, because my father's youngest brother and his family lives in Southern Jutland and my grandparents go to visit them on a regular basis. Usually my father's older brother will drive them, which mean that they actually go right by Odense and should be able to take a quick turn off the highway for a short brake, but this have never happened, so yesterday my parents brought my grandparents here. My dad took them for a ride around Odense for a sight-seeing of the places where Maiken (my sister) and I have lived/are living and working before they arrived at Jimmi's and my place. They were very happy about it :-)

Today it is time to relax a bit. I haven't had time to read my newspaper the last couple of days, so I will sit down with them today. The weather is quite nice today too, so I will probably also want to go out for a bike ride to burn some of all the calories of the last days' Easter-lunches :-) In the afternoon, Jimmi and I have tickets for Circus Dannebrog. That should be nice too.


Shannon said...

Hi Heidi,

I saw your link on Kerri's blog. I totally agree about holidays being such hard work!

I need a holiday to recover from this weekend, LOL.

My son is on the pump, so I look forward to reading more about your experiences.

type1emt said...

Hi Heidi,
Hello from another Heidi! (US though) Welcome to the OC.
My boyfriend is also part the simularities between us are kind of interesting! (and I pump,too)
Easter can be rather rough, that's for sure. Hope you recover quickly.