Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Copenhagen trip

Monday I went to Copenhagen. At a career fair at the university a couple of month ago, I took part in a competition at the stand of my labor union - and I won! The prize was a 2 h appointment with a career/competence counselor. This appointment took place at the union's headquarter in Copenhagen on Monday. I didn't really knew what to expect from it, but it was quite interesting. I had talked to the counselor on the phone prior to our appointment because he would like a test as starting point for our conversation. So I took this test akin to those that some employers use at interviews with new possible candidates for a job. This was done on the Internet, and the counselor had then printed the result which we could then discus. Although I find that most of these tests generally want you to choose between cholera and the plague, I could actually recognize myself and my way of being in the test result, so I guess that was good. I tried another test like that on a job portal on the Net a while ago, and the result of that implied that I was the same type of person as Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie, and thus would fit well in a job in science. The test of the union also showed that I have some personal qualifications that almost only fits with what is wanted for scientists :-) This actually please my, because I would really want to be a scientist!

Because I do not go to Copenhagen very often (I don't really like moving around in the centre of Copenhagen with all the noise and traffic), I had made sure that I would be able to meet with my best friend, who have been living overthere for almost 7 or 8 years now. We went out for lunch and spend about 4 h together until we had to split up for her to catch an appointment with her chiropractor, and me to catch a train back to Odense. We both agreed that we ought to meet more often than we do, usually we only mail each other or talk on the phone for hours, but it is certainly more enjoyable to meet! We got to now each other on the hospital of Holbaek more than 16 years ago. A the time of her diagnosis of Addison's disease and mine of diabetes. Ever since we have kept contact, frequently discussing the inability of some doctors and other health personnel to understand such chronic ailments at the level of the patient, you now, the fact that theory and practice does not always match as perfect as most doctors seem to believe.

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