Monday, March 27, 2006

I have been reading different diabetes blogs, primarily American (e.g. Kerri's Six Until Me, Scott's Diabetes Journal, Alison's Lemonade Life and now Everything related, Megan's This is My Life, and Sandra's A Shot in the Dark), for months now, and I find it very interesting and inspiring - just the fact that there are others out there dealing with the same health issues every day. So now I decided to join the party myself. I am, contrary to most of the members of the OC, not American. I am a native Dane, and of course I could choose to create a blog in Danish. The reasons why I haven't done this is mainly that there is not such a great tradition to blog in Denmark - at least I am only aware of a couple of diabetes related Danish blogs at the moment, although there may be more - but I also see blogging in English as yet another great opportunity to improve my English vocabulary. I consider myself to be rather good in English, but as it is not my mother tongue there is always room for improvements :-)

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