Monday, March 27, 2006

Born to be a doctor ;-)

In a break between writing on a paper and searching for employment, I just came across a test on the Internet. The overall question of the test was which advanced degree you should pursue in your career. I answered the questions, and here is the result: I was born to be a doctor.

You Should Get a MD (Doctor of Medicine)

You're both compassionate and brilliant - a rare combination.

You were born to be a doctor.

I found that conclusion rather amusing as I actually considered going for medicine when selecting education years back, but went for biomedicine instead because I was not sure how comfortable I would be treating other people’s casualties and because I thought the perspectives for biomedicine were just perfect for me. Students in biomedicine must attend some medical courses in concert with the medical students. In these courses, we were often regarded as medicine-wanna-bees, who didn't have the grades to be accepted for medicine. Because of that the satisfaction was even larger when you were able to outsmart the medical students and instructor - which did indeed happen from time to time, mainly in the biochemical areas :-) I have never regretted that I chose biomedicine for my career. I still think it was and is the obvious choice for me, and I am fully confident that I will get a career as a scientist. e work, tFor the time being, while I am pursuing a PhD-position of interest, I still hang around in the lab where I did most of my Master's project, helping other students and keeping in touch with the principal investigators. My highest wish both when choosing education and also now, is to become a scientist working with the quests of diabetes. Today I am also keen to include proteomics and mass spectrometry in though, but I would still prefer if it could be in combination with some disease, e.g. diabetes.

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