Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Those of you who used to read my blog will know that it has been very long since the last update here. It’s not that I’ve been cured from diabetes and therefore have had nothing D-related to write about. There have been plenty of blogable events involving diabetes in the past 3½ years, but there just hasn’t been time – or energy – from my side to consistently blog while working 40-70 hours a week on my postgraduate studies.

Last week, I read a blog post by Alexis over at I Run on Insulin. In essence, her entry was about how that little thing called “life” sometimes makes it difficult to do all you the things you want/need/have to do, online as well as in person, when there’s just 24 hours in a day. I had to comment on this, and that lead to a comment for me from another blogger that my updating my blog was missed. Even if just one or very few people think this, I’m very honoured by it :-)

So here I am with the first update since January 2008, but whether this entails a full revival of this blog, I dare not promise. If “life” allows, I’ll continue to try to check in here once in a while, maybe even try to do the required amount of dusting on my blog settings (layout, about me info, blog role etc.). I’ll also try to post again in the very near future to answer a couple of questions related to what I’ve been doing since 2008.

To end this, I’d like to repeat my statement in my comment for Alexis’ post last week: I know that the DOC is a very tolerant creature that will just appreciate those few times when I actually manage to contribute – and thank you all for that, and for being such an incredible source of advice and support when we need it!

Jimmi and I in front of the Famous Grouse at Glenturret Distillery in Scotland this summer


Pearlsa said...

Thanks for the update. look forward to seeing some updates from time to time.

Lili said...

Good to hear from you again!