Thursday, March 15, 2007

Very belated 7

I am very, very late to this one. I know. I just haven’t had the 48 h a day that I would need to just get through half of all the things I want/have to do these days. Anyway, here it goes, the 7x7:

7 things to do before I die:

1. Realize at least one of my dreams

2. Learn to master French – two years in high school clearly wasn’t enough, but it is such a beautiful language so I really want to give it another go

3. Visit Australia

4. Carry out at least one research project where the result(s) benefit diseased people – preferably diabetics, but others will do too :-)

5. Have kids

6. Experience at least 1 day as a non-diabetic once again

7. Meet as many fellow D-bloggers as possible in person :-)

7 things I CANNOT do:

1. I cannot help being a perfectionist in many aspects of live, including D!

2. Go to work by car when it rains because I don’t have a car, only a bike

3. Avoid being curious and wanting to expand my knowledge

4. Safe the world - but if I can change it just a little bit to the better, if only for a few people, through my work in research, I will be satisfied with that

5. Get my sugars right when swimming or playing soccer (games only, practice is usually not a problem)

6. Go to sleep instantly – especially not if I have had to test during the night!

7. Execute doctors’ (or any other medical personnel for that matter) orders without a bit of scepticism. I just don’t feel like I can always blindly trust that it will work as supposed for me.

7 things that attract me to …. Jimmi:

1. His kindness

2. His sense of humour

3. His honesty

4. Him being so straightforward

5. The BIG child he hosts that usually express itself by him lying on the couch watching cartoons – preferring not to be disturbed, and knowing all the characters in the different cartoons – or reading Jumbo-books (booklets with different comics about the inhabitants of Duckburg), but also when he pretends to be whiny (always in a joking mode, though) when I am leaving or wants him to do something :-)

6. Him being serious and cutting right through when needed

7) His urge to help people, both his immediate family, but also everybody else who have problems (e.g. computer problems, problems with flying ants inside their houses (this is why we are now running a case with the building association that owns our row house – see #6 below), want to learn how to speak/improve their English without having to attend classes to do so – he is continuously working on a website (only Danish-English so far, but his intentions are far wider – and did I mention that he is actually somewhat dyslectic, and thus needs to work even harder with foreign languages?) for people to associate English words with pictures as well as their Danish relatives, both in reading, writing and pronunciation - practical issues at the theatre he is a part of, etc)

7 things I say:

This one will primarily be in Danish (this is also why you may only see funny signs instead of letters in certain words, we have 3 additional letters that are not internationally common), but I will try to translate the best I can :-)

1. Hva’ så? (What’s up?)

2. Så pakker jeg sammen (I will be packing up now – to let Jimmi know that I am finally about to leave work)

3. How much longer? – to whoever is occupying an MS-instrument that I’m next on the list to use, just to know when the instrument will be available and decide whether I need to make an additional instrument booking in order to finish analyses so that I don’t take too much time from the next person on the list

4. Will you put my target in when you are done, and let me know? – in connection to #3, and here target is not associated to desirable BG-values, but a term for the specific metal sample plates that we use for MALDI-MS :-)

5. Jeg skal se, hvad jeg kan gøre (I’ll see what I can do – when new samples with associated analyses and deadlines are pushed to me when my hands are already full from other analyses/when people want to get special information out of their samples, despite not giving me all the information I need to assess whether this information is actually retrievable)

6. Nej, nu må den/de/det lige ta’ sig sammen! (C’mon, please get your act together – said to or about any machine/instrument/person, whose action(s) get on my nerves! Lately this phrase has been used frequently when discussing with Jimmi the issues around his approval for daily allowances, as well as the case we are running with the building association that owns our row house, regarding the rules and responsibilities concerning ants as pests)

7. Det ved jeg ikke… (I don’t know…)

7 Books that I recommend

1. “Sofies verden” (“Sophie’s world”) by Jostein Gaarder – The only thing we require to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder”

2. “Out of the Sun” by Robert Goddard – how insulin is used in the act of a crime

3. “Prey” by Michael Crichton - I’m a great fan of Michael Crichton

4. “Cruel and unusual” by Patricia Cornwell – she is a great crime writer

5. “The Dante Club” by Matthew Pearl

6. “Deception Point” by Dan Brown

7. “Løgnhalsen fra Umbrien” (“The Liar from Umbria”) by the Danish writer Bjarne Reuter – I don’t know if this book has been translated into any other languages, and thus the English title is a just a proposed translation of the Danish one. The book is brilliant, though, so I hope that it is/will be available in other languages for you to read about “the shopkeeper Giuseppe Emanuele Pagamino, who set off from the kingdom of Naples to the bishop’s dominance of Lucca to find the recipe of eternal life, upset the church and incurred the attention of Satan”

7 Movies that I like

1. “Forrest Gump”

2. “De grønne slagtere” (“The green butchers”) – a fabulous Danish comedy

3. “Beverly Hills Cop” – I love Eddie Murphy (except when dubbed on German television - that just sounds awful!)

4. “Drømmen” (“The Dream”) – another great Danish movie

5. “Ice Age 2” – I am still into animated films, and I love Scrat :-)

6. “The Lord of the Rings” – all three movies, need I say more?

7. “Philadelphia” – another great performance by Tom Hanks

7 People that I tag:

1. If you

2. haven’t

3. done

4. this yet,

5. go ahead

6. and

7. do so! :-)


Chrissie in Belgium said...

REMEMBER you didn't have to do it unless you wanted to. I KNEW you were terribly busy. After reading your point and particularly your nr 7 about not being able to "unquestioningly execute doctors' orders....." I can see we really do have lots in common, why talking with you feels always so right! "Yeah she GOT what I meant". Say hi to Jimmi! He is a luck guy to have you!

Heidi said...

Chrissie, I knew that you knew that, but I actually thought that this meme was interesting, so I wanted to find time to do it :-)

And as an additional note to #6 in "things I say", Jimmi was just notified yesterday that he has been approved for daily allowances, so now he can actually start trying to get a new job :o)

Better get back to work now - I have to leave early today, because my parents are coming over. We are going to the theatre tonight to see Jimmi act :-)

Scott K. Johnson said...

Great list Heidi!

I too want to see Australia - maybe that is where we can have the Diabetes Blogosphere Conference some year!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Heidi I am SO happy for you and Jimmi -FINALLY an approval for the "daily allowance". Have fun at the theater!

cass said...

ooooohhhhh. how IS insulin used in crime? freaky...

moganti said...

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