Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back to normal

I returned to work Tuesday this week. I had planned to take it easy the first day, but as work had literally piled up during the days I had been ill, that plan never became reality. I had a load of sample to digest, and as things went smoothly with the first half of the samples, I decided to start the digest of the second half offset of the others. That took a little longer than anticipated......I had the last part of the samples ready for over night digestion at 5:45 PM (I started work 8:15 AM)! To make matters worse, I had to stop by a supermarket to pick up some dinner for Jimmi and I on the way home. Thus, I arrived at home at 6:45 PM. Man, I was exhausted! Of course a BG of only 2.8 (50) did not help matters either :-/

Now, as I told you in my last post, Jimmi and I had company in the form of his dad's little dog, Fido. Jimmi had - against normal practice - served Fido her dinner before preparing ours. She hadn't eaten it all, and once we started working in the kitchen, she was all around us, very interested in what we were doing, and not least if something should be left for her :-) As we had gullash soup there were no leftovers for her, and I guess that she was a bit disappointed about that. When we hit the couch that was all forgotten though, because that meant that she could jump up and nest on the blanket in between us, calling for our attention. Actually, she had almost fallen asleep an hour later, when we were to take her out for her night walk before we went to bed. She woke up fast though, and didn't seem short of energy, keeping the line as well as my arm straight for the whole walk :-) Jimmi took this photo when he walked her earlier that day, and as you can see even though Fido is not very big, it can be hard to tell who is walking who ;-)

Yesterday Fido's family picked her up again, so when I came home, the only trace left of her was all the shed hairs as well as part of a chewing bone, she didn't finish :-)


Scott K. Johnson said...

Glad you are feeling better - though the return to work can be CRAZY!

Looks like Fido was a handful!

Chrissie in Belgium said...

Oh, you must miss her...... Maybe you and Jimmi want a dog? Or maybe that is kind of unrealistic now with this new job of your?! But some day a dog could be fun! Glad you, and I hope Jimmi too, is better.