Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas lunches

Today is probably the major day of Christmas lunches in DK. On work we have the department Christmas lunch this afternoon, followed by the entire faculty Christmas party in the evening. I miss both of these though, as Jimmi and I have other Christmas lunch-plans.

Next week the research group that I work within will have a local Christmas lunch. We have this every year, the last couple of years combined with a thorough cleaning of the lab, mass spec-rooms and offices. So on Wednesday next week we will start at 8:30 AM with joint breakfast and planning of the cleaning. When we are all done around noon, we will gather in the newly cleaned, and now decorated, coffee room for the last group meeting of the year and, not least, the Christmas lunch :-) It is usually very enjoyable so I look forward to it.

Christmas and Christmas lunches have always been a challenge for me since the D entered my life, so I am also looking forward to see, how it will work with the pump in stead of injections. So far (2 Christmas lunches/parties) the results have been satisfying, but that could just as well be “beginner’s luck” ;-)

I had an appointment with Alice earlier this week, and once again we concluded that those late afternoon basals need to be tweaked just a bit more, as I still has a tendency to run low during those hours. Alice has just been to Cape Town for a diabetes conference, where she had heard/seen results on studies of augmented use of the combined bolus even for ordinary meal that we usually do not consider to be fatty. According to Alice, it seemed like the use of the combined bolus could smoothen the BG level even more if also used for ordinary meals. She suggested me trying it, something like 80%/20% or 90%/10% for 1-2 hours, on some of my meals to see what the effect would be. As it is now I virtually only use the combined bolus for pizza and lasagne. I was planning on using it for the traditional Christmas dishes though, but maybe I should broaden my use of it even more? I haven’t decided how to go about it yet. If I am to try it, I need to do it in a “controlled” fashion, so that I do not have to take too many variables into account when evaluating the result.


Scott said...

Those combined boluses I think are a great tool, but I've not figured them out yet.

It adds a couple more variables to the mix and gets confusing to me. How to know the percentage split (90/10, 80/20, etc.) and the time (do I spread that 10% or 20% over 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.).

Makes my head hurt sometimes, but I think we will start to see more of it as people really fine-tune their boluses.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

I use the combined bolus for all my lunches, but not for breakfast, even though I eat just about the same thing! What I have noticed is that the small changes make bid differences - timing is really important. If the bg rises too much you will need more to get it down, so kind of tricky. Also you are absolutely right to try and carry out the tests in a controlled manner/ I love your dancing reindeers and I am happy the Xmas lunches are going OK with the pump.