Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rebound highs

Today we had the first games of the indoor soccer tournament. The first game was at 10:59 AM in a sports hall not too far away from Odense, so we were to depart at 10:00 AM. Because I had a few things I would like to do before taking off towards our meeting point at 9:30 AM, without being too busy, I had set the alarm clock for 8:00 AM.

I didn’t hear the alarm clock. It showed 8:20 AM when I first opened my eyes because Jimmi came into the bedroom to see how I was doing. A morning low :-( I still got around the things that I wanted to do before taking off for soccer, but in addition I got the joy of rebound highs during the rest of the morning. Before the warm up I was 13.6 (245). The pump didn’t think a correction was necessary. I overruled that decision, though, and sent 2 U into the system. When I checked again about 45 minutes and two games later, I was 15.6 (281). Great! The adrenalin from the games combined with the other hormones of a typical rebound swirling around in my body. I took an additional 4 U, because I don’t play too well when I am high either, and we still had 3 games to play. When we had finished our 5 games about an hour later, I was down to 12.4 (223), and it was time for lunch and another aggressive bolus.

Back home a couple of hours later all the insulin finally seemed to take effect, and I had a reading of 3.0 (54), but except from that I have been steady in target since then, enjoying the effect of exercise on the BG-level too.

Next Sunday the second round of indoor games are on. I hope that I will be able to start the day without a low then. There are enough of other challenges for our team this day as we have our team’s end-of-season-/Christmas-party on Saturday night ;-) I am pretty sure that this will cause as least some to suffer a bit from a hangover. Fortunately, we should be 7 people, and as only 4 will be on the field at a time, the ability to make substitutions should be good. We have a few games to revenge ourselves next time as well as repeat the victories we had today :-) The best of our games today, we won 5-1. In all the games I was responsible for guarding our goal, but because of the rules in indoor soccer (each team has to have at least 1 player on the opponents half at all time – unless they are in minority due to a suspension), the goal-keeper usually take part in the attacking play to create a “power play” situation. Therefore, I was on our opponent’s half in the end of this particular game. From the side line I heard one of our substitutes cheering for a goal in the final 10 sec. of the game. I had just passed the ball to one of the others and turned my head to look at the clock, seeing a “4 sec” left of the game. A fraction of a second later I got the ball back again. I made a short, quick move and took a shot towards the goal. The ball hit the net just as the final whistle sounded :-) Our substitutes were thrilled, they told me that they had actually just been joking when they cheered for a final goal 10 sec. before time, because they didn’t really think we would make it. I just told them that I saw no reason to give our opponents any last chances, thus I took the shot as late as possible! It gave us a good laugh, but I guess that we were too high on our performance in this game, because we weren’t quite as focused in the two final games, both of which we lost. We’ll make that up next weekend!

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Scott said...

Maybe you had some stress hormones floating around to, because you overslept and had to push it to get ready?

Overall, besides having to play high, sounds like you've done Ok since!

Very neat story on the goal! Hopefully you'll have good luck next weekend.

Take care!