Friday, August 04, 2006

Wet, wet, wet

After my initial, and not very successful, try on wearing the pump during soccer practice - to get some experience with this before going to wear it during games - I debated with myself most of the afternoon yesterday, about weather or not to wear the pump during practice yesterday using other means to make stay put. Tuesday try with wearing the pump in my sports bra did not make me want to do that again. The pump moved too much around under my arm to be comfortable, and I ended up disconnecting after about an hour in which I had used every tiny break to move the pump back to the wanted position.

The following day I toured the Internet in the attempt to find other possible solutions for wearing the pump during soccer. I ended up deciding to go for the sports pack that integrated diabetes offers from their store. I will probably not receive it until next week, however, so yesterday I was considering trying the velco-strap pouch that I use for sleeping. As I use this pouch for sleeping, I came to the conclusion that I would probably not find it very comfortable to wear in bed that night if I had been soaking it in sweat during soccer practice a few hours before. Thus, I went for the disconnection. Finishing practice yesterday, I was very glad that I made that decision!

The weather yesterday was mostly cloudy, but it had been dry all day. Going home after work I noticed a very black cloud that was obviously pouring a lot of rain in another part of town. This cloud, I think, paid my area a visit just as we started practice yesterday, and it stuck around until we were done 90 minutes later! Let me tell you, it was not just raining, it was a regular cloudburst! After 5 min. or so we were all soaking wet, and every time our feet hit the grass you could hear a splash from the water lying on the field + all the water being contained in our socks and boots. Despite the weather we had a rather good practice, and when we finished, the sun broke out. Isn't that just typical? :-) With clothes several kilo grams heavier due to the excessive amount of water, I jumped on my bike to ride the 800 meters back home. When I got out onto the street, I saw that I would actually have been better of with a water bike, as little down the street a large "lake" had appeared: For 25-50 meter of the street, from one side to the other and across the pavement, about 15-20 cm of water were standing. Now, I was soaked anyway so I decided just to go right through it, but I barely made it as I had not expected the water to be that deep.

When I got home I wringed my close and stuffed my boots with an old newspaper, wondering if a neoprene pouch would have been able to keep the pump from being soaked as well in such a weather, and if not what that would have meant for the function of the pump afterwards.....


art-sweet said...

Heidi - have you tried putting it in the front of your sports bra, tucked inbetween your breasts? My doesn't move an inch there.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Hi Heidi -

I've mentioned that I use my velcro strap pouch thing when I play basketball. Being that I sweat a lot too, I have multiple of them, one dedicated to sleep, and others for exercise.