Friday, July 28, 2006

Bad insulin

For the first time in my 16+ years of diabetes I have experienced insulin going bad. In my previous post, I talked about unusually high BG-levels of last weekend that appeared only to be lowered when using my insulin pen for correction boluses. I ended up concluding that it must be due to lacking effect of the insulin sitting in my pump, as nothing was wrong with the tubing or the sites that I pulled out on Sunday and again on Monday.

When I got back from work Monday evening, I changed infusion set - though I had just done that the day before, and the site turned out to be okay - and switched to a fresh vial of insulin. That helped! The last few days, BG has been more manageable, although the heat still does a lot to mess with my levels. Although it is against all I have ever been instructed to do, I have refrigerated the newly opened vial of insulin (I have always been told NEVER to refrigerate opened vials or pens of insulin). I figured that while having this warm summer weather this may be needed if I am not to through out half-used vials again.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

How interesting!

I have to say that I might have run into bad insulin only one time in my life. And I'm not even certain about that time.

It's surprising that it doesn't happen more often (thankfully)!

Glad to hear that you have had better success on the new vial. Keep us posted!